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Furniture Medic, one of the world's largest cabinet and furniture repair and restoration companies, Furniture Medic, one of the world's largest furniture repair and restoration companies, has established a reputation for excellence unmatched in the industry.

We specialize in furniture and wood repair for antiques, specialty items, millwork, paneling, doors, banisters, cabinetry and mantels, hardwood floors, and upholstery. Other services include cabinet refacing, furniture structural repair and stabilization, precision repair of wood and laminate surfaces, refinishing and polishing, and color matching. Whether it is enhancement, refinishing or restora

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Prepare Your Business to Welcome Back Customers 05/23/2022

Prepare Your Business to Welcome Back Customers

Are you re-opening your office, restaurant, hotel or store after the pandemic? Furniture Medic’s professional craftsmen and women will transform your business -- and wow customers the moment they walk in.​

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Prepare Your Business to Welcome Back Customers Re-opening your business for in-person customers? Learn how you can create a welcoming atmosphere. After almost a 2-year pandemic-induced shutdown, it's finally time to welcome back your loyal customers for in-person business. While your business may have survived with online shopping options, nothi...

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Furniture Medic's Disaster Restoration services can save your policyholders time and money by restoring damaged cabinetry and furniture on-site.​

Whether you've experienced structural damage or surface-level blemishes from water, fire, smoke, or vandalism damage, our technicians have the skills to bring each piece back to pre-loss conditions!​

Furniture Medic can restore their home, their time, and their wallets.​

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We want to take this moment to say thank you to our franchise owners, employees and customers as we celebrate our 30 year anniversary! Furniture Medic has grown and prospered due to the people who continue to work and support the brand. We celebrate every franchise owner and team member who provides outstanding craftsmanship while exemplifying our values of higher standards, trust, and reliability.

Furniture Medic has come along from what started in 1992 as mostly moving claims and furniture repair into commercial, cabinet transformation, and disaster restoration and insurance claims services. Every year is another year to defy the impossible. As we celebrate the history of our organization, we must continue to be bold enough to exceed each accomplishment as we look towards our future.

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Often, a house is more than just a house, and furniture is more than just furniture. They're the places and things that remind us of our favorite memories.​

It can get a little emotional when it comes to replacing damaged furniture and cabinets in your home. This is why we believe restoration is the better option, not only for your wallet but for those cherished memories you rather not replace 🥰. ​

Restoration is often:​
• Less expensive than replacing all of your items. ​
• More environmentally friendly.​
• More time-efficient, drastically reducing waiting time for you to get back into your home. ​

Restore your memories, don't replace them.​

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Furniture Medic can't teach an old dog, but we can teach your dull cabinets a new trick or two.​

Before you pay to replace those faded cabinets, Furniture Medic's technicians can add new luster and luxury to your kitchen with our cabinet painting and refinishing services.​

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If first impressions are significant for your business, damaged office furniture shouldn't be one of them. From small-scale fixes to larger structural repairs, Furniture Medic is always ready to repair and restore.

Our team can also provide routine onsite repairs as part of our Commercial Maintenance Program.

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There’s something special about thoughtful and knowledgeable customer service experiences from small business owners.

Vicki recently experienced this while Lonnie of Furniture Medic by Hometown Restoration matched the stain color to her cabinet doors, leaving a smile on her and her husband's faces.

Our skilled team members always provide a bespoke touch while giving every customer exactly what they need!

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Antique furniture may hold your most precious memories. When it comes to damage restoration, you want your furniture in the safe and capable hands of Furniture Medic.

Our expert team of Furniture Medic technicians can be there to carefully inspect, repair, and restore your antique furniture to its original condition.

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Save time, money, and patience with cabinet transformation services from Furniture Medic.

Updating your kitchen doesn't have to equate to an expensive and time-consuming replacement project for you and your family.

Our qualified team of skilled technicians can help you get your dream kitchen with less impact on the environment, your wallet, and your schedule.

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Resolution #1: Restore your cabinets and furniture back to like new condition with Furniture Medic!


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

There's no better gift today than being able to wish a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone around the world!

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Fire Damage? We can restore that.

Let's take a moment to appreciate this beautiful restoration by the Furniture Medic by Westphal team. Making your restoration dreams come true is what each of our nationally trained technicians succeed at every time, every day.

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When you think of solution-oriented technicians, think of Furniture Medic.

Furniture Medic by Bluegrass Furniture Restoration was able to step in for a customer who did not have coverage for the water damage to their kitchen sink drain line.

Their technicians were able to:

1. Remove two cabinets from the kitchen
2. Support the granite countertop
3. Work AROUND the kitchen sink
4. Install replacement cabinets (same face frames) AROUND the kitchen sink
5. Complete the work quickly and got the customer back in business as soon as possible

Regardless of the numerous pieces necessary to fix this and the various plumbing going on back there, the project exceeded expectations without the customer having to replace their entire kitchen or losing the use of their sink throughout the repairs.

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Our expert and professional team members get the job done so consistently that, well, even your pets will love us.

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Don't let water damage steal your Holiday cheer.

Frozen pipes and water damage can be the most costly (and unwanted) expense under your Christmas tree this holiday season.

When disaster strikes in your home or office, Furniture Medic works with most insurance carriers and mitigation companies to restore and repair, rather than replace, your cabinetry and furniture.

Celebrate your holidays with peace of mind, knowing Furniture Medic is on your side.

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We’ve learned through our years that cabinets, tables, and chairs are more than just furniture. They’re the places in your home where memories are made with the ones you love. So, thank you for allowing us to take care of your memories!

Happy Thanksgiving from our Furniture Medic family to yours!

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Disaster restoration doesn't sound too appealing to anyone. Partnering with Furniture Medic through our Quality Furniture Restoration Program and a nationwide team of trained cabinet and furniture restoration technicians can save insurance carriers an average of $2800 on furniture and $4900 on cabinetry per claim.

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No matter the cabinet need, Furniture Medic is the right cabinet team.,

Photos from Furniture Medic's post 11/05/2021

The excitement and loving words of Thanksgiving can quickly evolve into an intense hosting competition between you, your grandma, and her comments on the years of wear and tear on your kitchen cabinets.

Get ahead of the kitchen wars by scheduling a cabinet clean & touch-up. An on-site, professional deep clean with wear and tear touch-ups will have your guests gushing about more than your fried Turkey this year!

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On average, a homeowner will stay in the same house for a minimum of eleven to 12 years. In that time frame, your style changes, your taste changes, and the things you loved about your home become outdated—for example, your kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

In the words of Furniture Medic by Bluegrass, "If your kitchen needs a little 'something' but replacing cabinets is a little out of reach, give us a call!"

Take the first step and give Furniture Medic a call. We'll handle everything else.

📸: Furniture Medic by Bluegrass Furniture Restoration

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Are your cabinets looking a little too scary, grimey, or out of date this Halloween?

Let us help get your cabinets in tip-top shape just in time for the upcoming Holidays.

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Marnie's Cabinet Cleaning and Touch Ups

Furniture Medics like Marnie have the magic touch when it comes to cabinet cleaning and touch-ups!

If you’re watching this and wondering if we can give that same shine and luster back to your kitchen cabinets, the answer is always a resounding, “YES!" And just in time for the holidays!

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Furniture Medic: ✅ Friendly. ✅ Professional. ✅ Experts. We love the sound of that!​

​"A great company with a friendly professional staff and excellent craftsmen. We had water damage under our kitchen sink and cabinet area. The cabinets needed to be removed and quartzite countertop supported. George and Hassen showed their skills and removed the cabinets and supported the quartzite with a cracking. They communicated with us during each process, and we are 100% happy with the finished product.”​

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